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Increase your website ranking like never before. Rankbooster program or php script is GUARANTEED to increase your Website ranking by atleast 50%. Send well over 10,000 hits to your site per hour with this incredible program. Watch your Alexa ranking increase like you want it to.

The LOWER your rating on Alexa the higher your ranking is.
Alexa.com is owned by the Amazon group and it aims to rank every website on the Internet in terms of how much traffic it is receiving. In simpler terms, the lower your Alexa rating, the more traffic your website gets. The ideal scenario would be to have an Alexa rating of '1'. This would mean that your website receives more traffic than any other site in the entire world.At present this position is held by Yahoo.com followed by other top sites like Microsoft.com, Google.com and eBay.com. It is generally considered that a website with an Alexa rating of 100,000 or less is receiving a reasonable level of traffic.

Search engines
This software has been designed to simulate real online visitors and also simulating referrals to your site at the same time make the simulated visitor look that much more real.

Google rankings , other engines
Your Alexa ranking is very important, because it also effects how you are listed on the major search engines like google and yahoo. If you have a good alexa ranking, you will get good listing in other search engine too.
Note this - > High traffic rankings will always get you higher rankings in the search engines.

Traffic exchange
If you run a website traffic service or traffic exchange and cannot deliver the traffic you had promised or you have already charged your clients for the same then our software or script can deliver the traffic you had promised.

FREE Alexa toolbar
The toolbar is a free software that has been downloaded and installed on millions of PC's browser throughout the world. The toolbar tracks their users surfing habits and records each site they visit. With this information, Alexa calculates an estimate of how much traffic one website is getting verses another. The lower the alexa rank, the more traffic a site probably gets. Generally alexa ranking range from 1 - 4,000,000, with #1 being the most visited site in the world (Yahoo) and 4,000,000 being a site that gets about 1 visitor per week.

Download Alexa toolbar NOW - Includes Free popup blocker

Features / Advantages

  Increase your alexa ranking in as few as 5 days!
  Make more sales from your website.
  Even banners on your site get impressions
  Your rankings will increase on other traffic ranking sites.
  Your ExactSeek site ranking will increase in the same proportion as alexa.
  Free support available.
  Easy to use
  Free Updates
  Free Website submitter with package purchase
  Supports Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP.


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